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Meet Yugal Dasai, a recent graduate of the SIU IMAE program at Dover Air Force Base, and our Saluki Spotlight of the week! We asked him a few questions and here's what he had to say:

Why did you choose SIU?

"I chose SIU-Dover Campus because of the flexibility it offers to be able to work and attend class full-time. At first, this seemed like a lot of work, but the way the courses are structured and laid out coupled with the faculty support this was clearly a no-brainer."

How has the degree helped your career?

"I have a lot of work experience and lacked the degree to back it up. Completion of this degree now not only highlights my skills but solidifies them with a degree. I can now apply for jobs that I could not have in the past due to lack of a BS degree."

What did you like most about the SIU IMAE program?

"The best part was the support from the Faculty- especially Karen! Karen was always on top of things and always made everyone feel at home! She is like a one-man team! She does it all, from enrollment help to advising to ensure you graduate on time! Secondly, the flexibility of this program and its layout just fit my busy lifestyle to be able to work and go to class full-time. I am not sure why many students out there are not taking advantage of this great program."

"There will be times when you just want to drop out, but remember the structure and support you get by enrolling into this program will not let you fail. I did this all with unexpected work travel, (both local and international) while juggling family and coursework, along with many class members who were in the military being deployed in the middle of the class."

"If I can do it, so can you. "