About Us

At SIU Extended Campus, we are dedicated to providing students across the nation with the opportunity to earn a degree from SIU, regardless of their location or life circumstances. We achieve this by offering alternative pathways through off-campus and online programs.


Last Updated: Jul 09, 2024, 03:59 PM

Extended Campus Staff

Susan J. Wegmann

Executive Director

Taylor Presley

Associate Director

Marketing and Program Promotions
Scholarships and Awards

Melissa Pierce

IT Manager/Administrative Coordinator

Information Technology

Sharon Hagene

Senior Business Manager

Business Management and Personnel
Federal Tuition Assistance
Scholarships and Awards

Holly Tugiyanto

Accounting Specialist

Federal Tuition Assistance

Alex Talmadge

Accountant I

Business Management

Kristen Roberts

Program Director - Compliance

Compliance and Authorizations

Ann Coward

Program Coordinator - Compliance & Operations

Marketing and Program Promotions
Compliance and Authorizations


Christina Lawrence

Customer Service Specialist

Customer Service / VA Educational Benefits
Scholarships and Awards

Taylor Allen

Distance Education Regional Coordinator - Western

Site/Regional Program Staff