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Extended Campus Staff
Name Title Contact Info.
Julie Dunston
Acting Executive Director (618) 453-3430
Ha-Yee Teska Associate Director hteska@siu.edu
Vacant Assistant Director
Jonathan Cohen IT Manager/Administrative Coordinator jonathan.cohen@siu.edu
Ann Coward Customer Service Assistant annc@siu.edu
Ann Gibson Distance Education Regional Coordinator-Chicago
Lisa Grotts Administrative Aide lgrotts@siu.edu
Sharon Hagene Accountant I shagood@siu.edu
Victoria Halfacre Marketing Specialist victoria.halfacre@siu.edu
Kim Maier
Account Technician II
Jason Hill Account Technician III jrhill@siu.edu
Michelle Hubbs Compliance Coordinator mhubbs@siu.edu
Christina Lawrence Customer Service Specialist cllawrz@siu.edu
Anggi Lewis
Marketing Specialist
Taylor Presley Program Director, Marketing and Partnerships tbaril@siu.edu
Kristen Roberts Compliance Coordinator kroberts@siu.edu
Vacant Central Regional Coordinator

Graduate Assistants

Zeela James

Alireza Razeghi

Sri Lasya Ganduri

Hassan Alkhwaildi

Student Employees

Payton Heinold

Areas of Interest

Business Management and Human Resources

Kim Maier (618) 536-3383
Jason Hill (618) 453-7495
Sharon Hagene (618) 453-1096

Commencement and Programming

Kristen Roberts (618) 453-4578
Michelle Hubbs (618) 536-3389

Compliance and Authorizations

Michelle Hubbs (618) 536-3389
Kristen Roberts (618) 453-4578

Customer Service

Christina Lawrence (618) 453-5664

Distance, Online, and Special Session Scheduling

Vacant (618) 453-4188

Federal Tuition Assistance

Sharon Hagene (618) 453-1096
Kim Maier

Information Technology

Jonathan Cohen (618) 453-5157

Areas of Interest Cont.


Marketing and Program Promotions

Taylor Presley (618) 536-3386
Victoria Halfacre (618) 536-3388
Anggi Lewis

Military and Off-Campus Operations

Ha-Yee Teska (618) 453-3430
Vacant     (618) 453-4188

Regional Program Staff

Vacant (618) 453-5682
Ann Gibson (Chicago) (773) 849-1113

Scholarships and Awards

Extended Campus Scholarship
Christina Lawrence (618) 453-5664
Summer Incentive Scholarship
Taylor Presley (618) 536-3386

VA Educational Benefits

Christina Lawrence (618) 453-5664


* List of contacts can be downloaded in a single PDF file from here