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How do I register for an online or off campus course?

To register for a course students must log onto SalukiNet and go to add or drop courses. From there, students may choose the course and register. More detailed instruction can be found on SIU's registration page.

What online courses are offered?

Click on “Academic Credit Programs” and from there you can choose between online, off campus, or military programs.

How do I find a test proctor for my online classes?

Many online courses require proctored exams. The proctor's role is to verify the identity of the student taking the exam and supervise to ensure that the instructions specified by the instructor are carried out.  More information about Proctored exams.

How do I get a RUN number to register for a course?

A 6-digit Registration User Number (RUN) is required for many students in order to perform self-registration within SalukiNet. The RUN is unique to each student and will be different from term to term. More information about RUN numbers.

I am not able to register for my classes! 

You can talk to one of our Extended Campus staff members to troubleshoot the issue.

Will this particular class fulfill my requirement for my major?

An advisor can help with this- view our complete advisement listing .

Can I be admitted as a transient student without turning in transcripts?

Yes, students can be admitted without a transcript but students must submit an application and documentation indicating they have an overall “C” average and are eligible to continue enrollment at their last institution.  There is a fee that accompanies the application. 

How much do online classes cost? 

Please consult the tuition calculator.  

What are my course fees?

The tuition calculator will help you find your fees.

Will there be any other fees with this class? 

The department that the class is offered through will know if there are other fees that pertain.

How do I withdraw from all of my SIU Classes? 

If your intention is to be removed from all of your classes for the term so that you are no longer actively registered for the term, you can not drop all of your classes on your own.  So please do not drop any of your classes. Please, see relevant contact information.

Can I get my grades over the phone?

Grades cannot be given over the phone. Students may contact their instructor for grade information.  Course information can be found on SalukiNet.

Where can I find general course information?

Course information can be found on SalukiNet.

My class isn’t showing up in D2L, Who do I contact? When does my class show up?

On the first day of class it will show up in D2L if you are registered for the class. If the class does not show up on the first day, contact the SIUonline Helpdesk at 618-453-1024 during SIU business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM or Live Chat with helpdesk by contacting the LIVE CHAT

How does one obtain a parking decal?

All eligible faculty, staff and students must purchase parking privileges prior to driving or parking on campus. Stop by the Parking Division office, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The campus uses a color coded parking system to distinguish parking lots where an individual may park.

Eligible applicants must present a valid driver’s license, unexpired vehicle registration card (not the title), and an SIU Carbondale ID card at the time of parking decal purchase. Payments may be made by check, cash or major credit card.

Metered spaces are located throughout the campus. The cost is $.50 per hour. Meters must be fed between 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.